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Your Personal Hand Sanitizer Device

With the pandemic we are facing today. Fighting off viruses is the number one concern we deal with everyday. We understand how crucial it is that having something to sanitize our hands is the number one thing we know to be an essential to our everyday life. We can’t help but to think about our health and safety every time we walk out the door. Something as simple as touching the surfaces around our home to walking into the grocery store. We tend to think twice now when it comes to disinfecting. Go.c sanitizer is designed to make our lives a little bit easer, in which it allows us to simply disinfect our hands with a push of a button. The device is designed to clip to the side of your waistline for easy accessibility when it comes to sanitizing your hands. No matter where you are. Go.c is made to give you that peace of mind and convenience when your on the go.

How It Works

Go.c is a new contraption that allows you to clip the hand sanitizer directly at your waistline. The device is designed with a refillable tank where it can be filled with any liquid hand sanitizer of your choice. There is a spraying mechinism within the device that will release the optimal amount of sanitizer into the palm of your hand.

Travel With Ease

For air travel. There are ristrictions that allow you to bring certain amounts of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces. Go.c is carry-on friendly, with a capacity of 1.12 oz of liquid.

Size: 3.74″x1.97″x1.18″ (95x50x30 mm) Liquid volume: 1.12 oz (33 ml)   Case material: plastic resistant to alcohol, without painting  Button and tube material: hypoallergenic silicone 

Environmentally Conscious

Plastics can take up to 450 years to break down. By using Go.c, you are able to re use the device once it’s empty because it’s refillable. This will help prevent new plastic from entering the land field. We also made the conscious decision to reduce waste by our minimalistic approach on packaging.

Received this past Tuesday. They are just perfect! Fits in my hand just right and no leaks. Gave one to my mom and she was super excited and very happy with it as well. Thank you!

–Meg G.

Love my hand sanitizers! I have it clipped to my belt at work and have gotten a lot of great comments about it!!

–Superbacker Priscilla Ramirez

Hi Go.C Team! I just wanted to let you know I got mine and it’s perfect. It doesn’t leak. It stays on my belt. I’m able to use it very easily. Thrilled with the product and wanted to let you know I think you did a great job!

–Jeff Solensky